Don't you draw the Queen of Diamonds boy

This tumblr is the definition of pointless
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whats your Facebook?
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We have one kitten left at work and he does not like to be ignored! He demands you pay attention to his cute!

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my favourite #AskRF answers

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never forget that australias first ever winter olympics gold was won because the guy was coming dead last and everyone in front of him fell over

its happening

even better

the only reason he was in the final was bc the same thing happened in the semis

and the only reason he was in the semis was bc one of the guys that came ahead of him in the quarters was disqualified

i’m not sure if he’s the luckiest skater alive or a skater that has the power to curse other competitors.

i’ve been laughing non stop for the past like 10 minutes

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Poe’s Law: That moment when a Fox Business commentator sounds just like a Disney villain.

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I bet no guy wants to touch you cause you are a feminist
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